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Links to other websites that I have worked on, visit often, use for work or enjoy.

I work here: Nittany Engineering & Associates, a Division of Century Engineering

The Heggenstaller Family Tree Maker

Millheim Fire Company -

Penns Cave -

Nittany Antique Machinery Association -

Rotate PDF for Free

Tractor Pulls / Announcing Sites

Penn Township

As our Township does not have a website I have the entire Code of Ordinances book made available here as a zip file of individual searchable pdf files.  pdf files courtesy of Keystone Publishers, Inc.,


Penn Township, Centre County, PA, Codification of Ordinances, Code Supplemented and Revised through Supplement 2; Sep 24,



 Maybe someday i will be able to also post the Township Supervisor meeting minutes.


Site for links to every county fair in the commonwealth:

PA Association of County Fairs -

My County Fair

Centre County Grange Fair -

Clubs / Associations / Fairs

Beaver Fair

Bloomsburg Fair

Clearfield County Fair

Clinton County Fair

Huntingdon County Fair

Union County West End Fair

Central Penna Tractor Pullers Association

Snyder County Tractor Puller's -

Thunder Road Garden Tractor Pulling

United States Lawn Mower Racing Association -

Pennsylvania Lawn Mower Racing Local Chapter -

Buffalo Valley Antique Machinery Association - No longer has a website.  Try Facebook (


Middle Creek Valley Antique Machinery Association

Montour Antique Farm Machinery Collector's Assn -

USA East   -


Power Pulling Productions

DRH work related

 Here is a link below to a searchable database for all municipalities in PA (County, City, Boroughs, Authorities, Townships, School Districts) which will give you name and contact information of elected and appointed positions, tax collectors, solicitors, engineers, everything imaginable).

PennDOT VideoLog -

PA Prevailing Wage Rate Request:




Department of the Treasury's Listing of Certified Companies (circular 570) -

LISTING of All legal advertisemnts published in Pennsylvania newspapers


Project Solicitations:


Natural Resources Conservation Service - excel tools


PA DEP search results of various facilities reports

Initials of correspondence or letter writer and typist on a document.


Fire Company

Fireman's Relief Association, Management guidelines, 2015

Relief Association Management Guidelines, 2015 version

Driver's License Check - $11.00

Criminal Background Check - free for volunteers










Seeing's how everybody wants paid for a reverse phone number look up these days and conveniently the search engine companies are complicit, the following phone numbers are numbers that I have received unsolicited robocalls from and am putting them in the public domain free of charge without any warranty.


814-448-7670  (Home Security sales robocall)